About Legionella Auditing and Risk Management

Legionella Auditing & Risk Management is a highly respected, specialist independent consulting service dedicated to providing a competent, ethical and practical resource for the preparation, review and auditing of Cooling Tower Risk Management Plans.

Legionella Auditing & Risk Management provides its services within Australia and around the world.

Our clients include a number of Australia’s leading companies, government and private institutions and hospitals, major shopping centres and sporting venues.

We are geared to quickly and effectively assist in minimising any risk from the transmission of Legionella bacteria, the cause of life-threatening Legionnaires’ disease.

We remain at the forefront of any regulatory change within Australia and internationally and as a consequence we are ideally positioned to provide the latest advice and information to help protect your interests.

Legionella Auditing & Risk Management personnel are certified auditors under Victorian Government Legislation to conduct audits and, as required by law, remain totally independent from any interested party.