Dr Bernhard Boulton

Legionella Auditing & Risk Management is headed by Principal Consultant and Managing Director Dr Bernhard Boulton, Accredited by Department of Health (Victoria) as an Auditor of Cooling Tower Risk Management Plans.

Dr Boulton has been commissioned to Audit more than 1000 Cooling Tower Systems in Australia alone and has been responsible for writing Risk Management Plans and conducting Risk Management Plan Reviews for Cooling Tower Systems over a wide variety of applications.

Dr Boulton is arguably Australia's foremost independent consultant in the field of Cooling Tower Water Treatment and Risk Management. Dr Boulton has held key positions in the chemical industry and relevant senior management roles including with a leading Australian National Water Treatment Company.

Dr Boulton is a graduate in Chemistry and Business. He holds a Bachelor of Science with honours (Canterbury N.Z), a Ph D in Chemistry (Monash Australia) and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Swinburne, Australia).

His professional memberships include:

Dr Boulton is supported by a team of relevant experts.